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The Timelapse
Letizia Lopreiato

The Timelapse – From the Front constitutes the first chapter of visual poet Letizia Lopreiato’s four year autobiographical documentary (2018-2022).

This body of work, shot on 35mm film between Ireland and Italy, depicts the healing journey through photography of both the artist —in the acceptance of her visual impairment— and of her mum —in her relocation to Ireland from Italy in 2019, the passing of the artist’s dad, and a series of traumatic events which followed. It is her way to bring justice to both stories, honouring through art the most transformative moment that trauma and grief presented to them; a journey which deserved to be narrated and shared as a story of self-empowerment in their identity as women.

The project embodies the cathartic power that only art could have gifted the artist with, and the transmutation of the fear that came with her visual impairment diagnosis into the highest source not only of strength and courage for her, but above all of resilience and faith in life.

To sequence her photography and poetry work from this period in order to bring this project to life, Letizia had to find a way to revisit, manage, and process, the emotions which characterised that time; a period which both her mum and herself had stored in the dusty recesses of their minds, whilst purposely making its memories inaccessible to their hearts, a survival mechanism. Until they decided to let go of them, as photography brought sense to the chaos. It all then transformed from a journey of loss, into one of love, with the relationship with Letizia’s beloved Dublin, and its photography community, which embraced them both, at its core.

The Timelapse – From the Front is the tale of how both the artist and her mother came home, home to themselves, and home to one another after sixteen years apart, not on the shores of memory, but on the ones of Ireland.

About the Artist

Letizia Lopreiato is a multilingual visual poet and film photographer working with 35mm photography, poetry, spoken word, and Super 8 film, to develop her autobiographical and social documentary practice, with an art-photography style. Letizia embraced film photography after her visual impairment diagnosis. She writes and performs her poetry in English, Italian and Spanish. Her work has been published and exhibited across Ireland and internationally. Letizia’s background is in research in International Relations with over a decade in the technology industry. Her interest lays in the application of barrier-free technologies for pluridiversity inclusion, access and equality. Most recently, her art-book Sonia’s Trees was published by The Outside Press. She is an awardee of the Arts Council of Ireland Agility Award, Visual Arts Bursary, and the Connect Award (2020).

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