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Video Works
Images Are All We Have

The exhibition Images Are All We Have presents a selection of video works by 18 artists to exemplify the existing diversity of practices. The selected works are by Ailbhe Greaney, Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Aisling Keavey, Alan Butler, Alisha Doody, Anthony Haughey, Basil Al Rawi, Benjamin Malcolmson, Clare Langan, Dorje De Burgh, Emma Campbell, Kevin Gaffney, Luca Truffarelli, Luke Faulkner, Martin Healy, Michael Hanna, Sean Hillen, and Trish Morrissey.


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Ailbhe Greaney, Notes on Distance, 2021-22 *

Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Great Good Places I, 2011 *

Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Great Good Places II, 2011 *

Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Great Good Places III, 2011 *

Ailbhe Ni Bhriain, Great Good Places IV, 2011 *

Aisling Keavey, Mamó, 2021

Aisling Keavey, The Claddagh, 2020

Alan Butler, Mondo Cane, 2018 *

Alisha Doody, How to Live here

Anthony Haughey, Manifesto, 2016 *

Basil Al Rawi, The Salmon Leapt Toward Babel, 2020

Benjamin Malcolmson, Ripples, 2019

Clare Langan, Future Primal, 2018

Dorje De Burgh, The Sting of Love, 2021 *

Emma Campbell, When they put their hands out like scales, 2012

Kevin Gaffney, Far from the reach of the sun, 2018 *

Luca Truffarelli, Here and Through, 2016

Luke Faulkner, I’m Addicted to You, Don’t You Know That You’re Toxic, 2018

Martin Healy, A Moment Twice Lived, 2016

Martin Healy, Facsimile, 2008

Martin Healy, The Last Man, 2011

Michael Hanna, Short Films about Learning, 2015

Sean Hillen, Tomorrow is Saturday, 2020

Trish Morrissey, Self Portrait with Two Snails, 2020

Trish Morrissey, Eighteen and Forty-five, 2004

If you are interested in a particular video work, let our staff arrange a viewing for you.


* Collection of the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaíon
Featured Image:
 Trish Morrissey, Self Portrait With Two Snails (film still).