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25 August—7 September
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6.30pm Wed 7 September

The Darkroom
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D07 TWX3, Dublin

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Loose on the Streets
Karen Browett

This exhibition presents a series of films and associated works, presented through installation, revolving around themes of re-integration after the recent extended periods of isolation. The works look at anxieties, desires, boundaries and social strangeness. Karen is fascinated by the characteristics and mechanisms used by animals to signal warning and attraction, She started to wonder how life would be if humans could adopt some of these aposematic behaviours, chameleonic changes and puffed up displays. These works playfully suggest a world where all of these elements exist.

Through Karen’s multimedia approach to her work, by creating off the wall characters, making wild costumes, homemade soundtracks, motion film moves, movie posters and more, this exhibition allows you to enter a new dimension, an invitation into a fully tactile new world.

Karen’s inspiration comes from the pure excitement of the process itself and the physical act of making, which is always accompanied by a heavy dose of noise, crackle, chaos, punk spirit and DIY. 

These works invite you to immerse yourself into this new world, the artist has created over COVID.

About the Artist

Karen Browett is a multi-media artist with a grounding in printmaking. She began in screen print fifteen years ago in order to make merchandise for her bands, leading her to work as a print studio technician, commercial printer and tutor alongside her visual arts practice. In 2016 she opened her own independent screen print studio. Karen graduated from the MA ARC program through IADT (First Class Hons), was awarded the Agility Award by The Arts Council in 2021 and has been chosen as the ‘Emerging Artist Residency’ recipient at The Darkroom, D7, which she is currently undertaking. Karen’s work is guided by a love of analogue processes and DIY ethos.

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