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55 BPM
Tadhg Kinsella

This project by Tadhg Kinsella concentrates on the theme of grief and loss. Tadhg examines, observes and develops a series of memories related to his mother who recently passed away after battling stage 3 terminal cancer for 5 years. 55 BPM relates to an audio recording of his mother’s breathing before she passed. While also refers to the movement of time and life (Beats Per Minute).

The project medium focuses on Black and White 35mm film photography and Super 8 with an audible soundscape. Using a series of alternative methods Tadhg experiments with the agitation methods while developing. Using the vibrations from speaker cones to agitate the film and paper during the developing process. Highlighting the projects collaboration aspect between visuals and sound throughout the process. Imagery location areas are of significantly importance to this project as it refers to places “Denise” (Tadhgs mother) had previously taken photographic images and/or visited often with Tadhg. Locations include Dublin City and Costal/beach areas. Connecting city to coast through imagery of structural infrastructures Bridges and Trains.

2 Super 8 reels accompany the prints to complete this project. Both films will follow the steps of previous photography routes Denise made before losing her ability to walk. One along the Liffey heading towards Tara dart station. The other route along the beach in Malahide where Denise lived. Both films are to be played together in the same room with the one sound track that interacts and fits with both visuals.

About the Artist

Tadhg Kinsella is a multimedia artist focusing on fusing audio and visuals with electronics and photography. Graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Tadhg has performed and exhibited in multiple locations around the world including UK, USA and Columbia.

Currently supported by the Art Council of Ireland’s Bursary Award allowing Tadhg to continue to experiment, develop and explore his experimental works. Some recent Gallery space showings include The Complex, Pallas Studios and LightMoves Festival.

Founder of Dublin Modular an artist lead collective developing Visual Arts and Music projects, workshops and events in Ireland. Tadhg also currently has a Studio space kindly supported by Dublin City Council.

Dyslexic and non-binary queer Tadhg promotes/highlights accessibility and inclusivity throughout his works/projects. He is passionately involved in the Irish arts scene and strives to continue to contribute as much as possible to the community.

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