5pm Fri 22 July
23, 30 and 31 July

6 Central Avenue
Bishopstown, Co. Cork

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House Rules
Chris Finnegan

In her essay Photography Consists of Collaboration, Ariella Azoulay proposes ‘photography as a shared space’.  The photographs in House Rules present participatory acts and events that unfolded over a fixed period of time in a family home.  All images adhere to the parameters that they must have been made in this home, during the five year period of occupation and must be representations of real-life occurrences.

The resulting series interrogates the experience of shared living in a family context.  Events of work, learning, creativity and play form a collaborative lexicon here, with themes and actions recurring over time.  Ownership of these events are left without demarcation; hinting at the question of whether the domestic can be considered an arena of co-making and performative co-action. 

For this iteration, its first public showing in Ireland, House Rules will be displayed in a domestic setting which is in the process of becoming a new home.  

About the Artist

Chris Finnegan is a visual artist, photographer and educator based in Cork, Ireland.

His practice explores common phenomena and occurrences, primarily through lens-based media.  The mundane qualities of objects and events are often exploited and presented with a pseudo-scientific rigour.  Permutations, sequencing and progressions are employed, sometimes logically.  Throughout his work the photographic image can be seen to occupy two simultaneous states; empirical artefact and conceptualist proposition.

He was awarded a BA Fine Art from Dublin Institute of Technology (now TUD) in 2006 and is currently enrolled on the MA Photography at Falmouth University. 

He has exhibited work extensively in Ireland, the UK and internationally, including; GoMA Glasgow, Fringe Arts Bath, the LA Centre for Digital Arts, Pallas Contemporary Projects and the Royal Hibernian Academy. 

He has provided learning experiences for a wide range of audiences in both the traditional arts and digital media. He has worked on the visual arts programme in The Ark, Dublin and was Head of Art and Photography at Bromley High School between 2018 and 2021.

Chris has curated exhibitions of work for a broad spectrum of artists in many venues, including The Mills Centre, London and sat on the curatorial panel for Switch Video Art Project, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary in 2010 and 2012

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