7-10pm Thu 21 July
One evening event
Tickets can be purchased via Eventbrite or on the night on a donation-basis.

Indigo & Cloth
9 Essex Street East, D02 RW53, Dublin

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My Mom Wants To Go Back Home
Hanna Hrabarska

The story of Ukrainian Photographer Hanna Hrabarska and her mom, which portrays their escape from Ukraine in the first days of war.

“I’m curious, how were people feeling and what were they doing the day before the Second World War?” I thought about it for a moment. “Well, I don’t know,” I told my friend. “Probably, the same as us”.

We finished the dinner and took a walk around Kyiv city center. We sat in a small cafe to drink cappuccinos and gossip. I went home early, feeling a wave of anxiety. Early the next morning, I was lying in bed in complete darkness. Suddenly, I heard the sound of an explosion.

I turned on my phone. The news declared: “Putin Invades Ukraine.”

My mom was still offline, so I decided to give her a couple more hours of peaceful rest in my native city, Kryviy Rih. When we finally spoke around 7 a.m. on Feb. 24, I heard sounds on my mother’s end. They too were explosions.

That’s how our journey started.

It took Hanna and her mom one week to flee Ukraine.

Hanna will be present on the night. Prints and postcards will be available for sale on the night. This photography exhibition is part of, a series of charitable art events around Dublin.

About the Artist

Hanna Hrabarska is a Ukrainian photographer, journalist and photography teacher. Before the war in Ukraine, she was running a small portrait studio in the centre of Kyiv and touring around the world with music bands and techno DJs.

In the course of her 11-years career in photography, Hanna’s work was published in numerous media outlets, such as Die ZEIT, VOGUE, FORBES, Cicero, NRC and others. Her photos were exhibited in galleries in France, Germany, Norway, USA.

After the war started, Hanna had to flee Ukraine together with her mom. Her recent photography project is about their journey from Kyiv through Kryvyi Rih, Uzhgorod, Mali Selmentsi, Kosice, Budapest, Munich and Austerlitz to settling down in Amsterdam. Hanna is passionate about documentary photography and wants to dedicate her further practices to research and understand deeper a concept of “war refugee” status, label and stigma.

About Untold Ukraine

Untold Ukraine is a collaborative art event series showcasing contemporary Ukrainian culture through different media. Their main goals is to share what they love about Ukranian culture and raise money to help Ukraine in its fight for freedom.

Photography Exhibitions are a part of the event series by Untold Ukraine.

All events are charitable. All ticket proceeds and donations will go straight to Ukrainian organisations working on the ground.

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