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Olamide Ojegbenro

Naïve celebrates diverse faces in the Irish Art Landscape, and how the artist found comfort in photography during a difficult period of his life, when photography was the only thing he felt he could turn to. To the artist, Naïve is about the importance of being an artist in its purest form. The Naïve photobook is an extension of the What Cannot Be Seen exhibition, which took place in March of this year.
Creative Team: Olwen Wymer, Tina Adinga, And Wynne Kelly-Buttield

About the Artist

Olamide Ojegbenro is an Irish portrait photographer and film director who focuses on unique and diverse faces in his photography. Olamide’s work with his peer generation of Irish artists reflects his inventiveness and enthusiasm for representation. Olamide is a photographer of Black-Irish descent who has worked with VSCO publications as well as other international creative and modelling agencies.

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